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I-5 Lid Feasibility Study; RFP #OPCD-121318

Original Date Posted: December 13, 2018 7:30 am

Due Date: January 28, 2019

City of Seattle: Office of Planning and Community Development Request for Proposal

Title: I-5 Lid Feasibility Study

Proposal Due Date: January 28, 2019 

The I-5 Lid Feasibility Study will identify and evaluate technical requirements, development program options, and conceptual design solutions, for different lidding scenarios in Seattle’s central downtown, as well as the associated costs, financing options and potential phasing approaches and/or schedules. 

Scope of Work: The City is seeking through this RFP to select a professional, multi-disciplinary team to assist with the following efforts:

  • Reconnect neighborhoods separated by I-5 through the creation of new development and public spaces.
  • Identify infrastructure limits and optimal structural solutions.
  • Support other City of Seattle and community objectives, potentially including the creation of development opportunities for affordable housing; new and expanded park space and recreation facilities; other community-serving uses; and commercial development.
  • Support a variety of building typologies found in the surrounding context, including low-, medium-, and high-rise buildings.
  • Support a variety of landscape typologies including parks with intensive planting and active recreation as well as those that support habitat and manage run-off.
  • Mitigate the environmental impacts of I-5 including air and noise pollution.
  • Create outcomes that reduce or eliminate existing inequities, identify strategies to prevent residential displacement, and provide inclusive public spaces that are welcoming and accessible to all.
  • Support and improve the long-term safety and functionality of I-5 as the primary north-south connection through the city, region and state, serving passenger vehicles, transit and freight.
  • Reduce or eliminate safety conflicts between vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians, especially at I-5 entry and exit points.
  • Provide opportunities for utility infrastructure otherwise restricted by I-5.
  • And other consultant services as needed.

Project Budget:  $1-1.2 million

City Contract Information:   Lyle Bicknell, Project Manager, Office of Planning and Community Development                                                   

The full RFP and associated documents can be viewed and downloaded at the City’s Consultant Connection at


Click Here to Access the RFP

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