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CLOSED-Latent Print Backlog Reduction Services RFP-SPD-1229-11

Original Date Posted: December 29, 2011 12:59 am

Due Date: 01/23/2012, 4:00 PM (Pacific)

Proposal Materials & Schedule

(Click on the project title link below to access official project information and documents)

 Title: CLOSED-Latent Print Backlog Reduction Services

Project Description:

The City of Seattle, acting by and through its Seattle Police Department, is seeking a qualified consulting firm to assist with a significant backlog of property crime casework.  The consultant firm would provide a team of experienced, certified latent print examiners to eliminate a backlog of 300-500 property crime cases with no listed suspects.  The examiners will enter AFIS quality latent prints into the on-site Morpho/Trak system, of which there are two workstations.  Should a possible identification occur with the searched latent print, a copy of the known tenprint and/or palm print impressions will be obtained in order to establish identity or non-identity.  On-screen identifications will not be allowed.  All analyses will be technically reviewed by a second C.L.P.E. and all identifications will be verified.  A written report will be submitted on each case indicating the findings of the examiner.  This report will be submitted on the consulting firm’s letterhead in order to establish ownership.

The consulting firm must have a proven track record of other contracts of similar size, scope and references.  The consulting firm will need to travel to Seattle and conduct the examinations over the above mentioned 8-10 day period in the evening/night hours, at a secured facility under the supervision of the Latent Print Examiner Supervisor.    The Seattle Police Department will provide office space for evaluation/comparison work, two Morpho/Trak AFIS workstations, and will have known tenprints and palm prints available to them.  All members of the consulting team may be called upon to travel to Seattle to testify in court if necessary regarding their latent print examinations.

A budget of $70,000.00 has been earmarked for this project.  Interested consulting firms must submit a written cost proposal at time of submission with breakdowns as follows:  all travel expenses (method of travel, lodging, per diem, and ground transportation) and labor (cost of conducting examinations), including hourly rates.

Engineer’s Estimate: $70,000

Proposal Due Date and Time: 01/23/2012, 4:00 PM (Pacific).

City Contact: Donna West, or 206-684-8281

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