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February 2013



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CLOSED-Taxi, For Hire and Limousine Services Demand Study RFQ-FAS

Original Date Posted: February 11, 2013 8:00 am

Due Date: 03/04/13 at 4:00pm

Click here to access Request for Qualifications-FAS.docx

Addendum #1 – Evaluation Criteria Revised: Posted 2/26/2013

Click here for Q &A: 02/21/13

Doc#1: Taxi Response Times 2003-09 

Doc#2: Taximeter Operating Statistics 2009-2010 

Doc#3: Sea-Tac Airport Outbound Taxicab Trips 1997-2012

Doc#4: 2010 Report to Council – Final

Doc#5: Taximeter – Computation of Operating and Revenue Statistics Rev 7/5/2012

Doc#6: 2009-2012 Taxicab Service Response Times_SEAKC 

Doc#7: Seattle Taxicab Response Time Statistics 2003-2010, by Zone 7/19/2011

Optional Pre-Submittal Conference: 02/19/13 at 2:00pm at 700 5th Avenue, Floor 52, Suite 5260, Seattle WA 98124.

Scope of Work: The Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS) is seeking a qualified consultant to perform a comprehensive demand study of taxi, for-hire, and limousine services in Seattle/King County. Depending on available funding, the City may approve a second phase of this project to assess the effectiveness of the current regulatory environment for taxi, for hire services and limousine services in the region and recommend changes based on best practices.

The full RFQ, Scope of Work and associated documents can be viewed and downloaded here on this page.

City Contact Information: Please email Jan Oscherwitz, if you are interested in submitting a proposal.

 [Ad run dates: Feb 11-13]

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