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CLOSED-Hydro Generating Units 31 and 32 Overhaul: Engineering Assessment/Scoping, Design Criteria Development, & Construction Administration Services RFQ-SCL-2013-05

Original Date Posted: May 30, 2013 1:10 pm

Due Date: August 16, 2013 at 3:00PM (PST)



 Hydro Generating Units 31 and 32 Overhaul: Engineering Assessment/Scoping, Design Criteria Development, & Construction Administration Services

Seattle City Light (SCL) seeks a Consultant to provide technical, construction and project management support in the planning, construction and commissioning of overhauls of Diablo Hydroelectric Generating Station (DHGS) Units 31 and 32 located on the Skagit River, in Whatcom County, Washington near Diablo, Washington.  SCL plans to overhaul two (2), 100 MVA Westinghouse generators, Units 31 and 32 (originally installed in the 1930s and rewound in 1962) as well as, replace and/or refurbish associated ancillary equipment at the project.  The project goals are to
upgrade/replace/refurbish power generation Units 31 and 32 to increase power generation potential and provide another 40 years of trouble free power production.  The scope of work for the Consultant is to work with SCL to develop detailed objectives for the project, determine the desired generator capacities, scope the upgrade of associated equipment, eliminate existing constraints on machine operation (presently generator output is limited by several factors, see Attachment 4 for additional information) with an overall design approach that is low maintenance using field proven construction techniques and components.  Propose best practices for machine monitoring to allow condition based maintenance in future years.

Reporting directly to the SCL Project Manager or their designee, the Consultant and their sub-consultants shall provide oversight, administrative resources, and technical services required to meet the objectives of the project.  These services include but are not limited to project management and engineering support for the needs of the project for each of the entire overhauls and the subsequent successful return to service of Units 31 and 32 at Diablo Hydroelectric Generating Station. 

The full extent of services to be provided by the consultant shall be determined and agreed upon to meet the needs of the project, Seattle City Light, and the City of Seattle.  A broad range of technical expertise (multi-disciplined) and proficiency in these areas will be required to successfully support the project.  Sub-consultants and technical services provided under the resultant contract may be expanded as needed and may include but not be limited to:  assessment of unit/plant/project capacity and limitations, scoping and planning of the overhaul project (including identifying equipment to be replaced, upgraded and/or refurbished), identification of any efficiencies that may be gained as a result of the overhaul project, specification development, proposal evaluation, design review, on-site construction management services, machine modeling and analysis, vendor compliance, etc.

The term of the contract shall extend from the date of execution by the Superintendent of Seattle City Light, or designee, through December 31 2017.  City Light has identified the initial Scope/Phase of services based on 2013 funding of $300,000 for this project but estimates the overall contract amount to be $1,500,000.

SCL, may at its option amend the original contract for scope, time, and funding, subject to the continuing appropriation authority by the Seattle City Council.

OBTAINING RFQ DOCUMENTS: Documents are available online at Consultants must complete a free registration prior to viewing, printing and saving to their own equipment at no cost, or ordering full or partial document sets and/or CDs through the Web site. For help using this site, or to order documents if you are unable to access the Web site, please call eBid Systems at 206-855-8430 or toll-free at 1-888-291-8430. Free internet access to obtain these documents is available at SeattleNeighborhoodServiceCenters and most public libraries.

Hard copy Proposals/Submittals must be delivered by 3:00pm PST on August 16, 2013 to the address below:

Seattle City Light
Procurement & Contracting Division
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3200
Seattle, WA 98104-5031
Attention: Serena Louie, SMT 3004

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