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CLOSED-Department of Neighborhoods – PPATCH Web-based Online System/Software Development Services – Re-advertisement, RFP-DON-8813

Original Date Posted: December 20, 2013 8:06 am

Due Date: 1/15/2014, 4:00 PM (Pacific)

City of Seattle Request for Consultant Services

Project Title:  Department of Neighborhoods – PPATCH Web-based Online System/Software Development Services – Re-advertisement

Click here to download to full RFP – Posted 12/20/2013
ADDENDUM 1: Click here for ADDENDUM 1, Changes to Procurement Schedule – Posted 12/23/2013
ADDENDUM 2: Click here for ADDEDNUM 2, SQL Version Clarifications – Posted 1/6/2014
MANDATORY Pre-Submittal Attendance Sign-in Sheet Click here for Sign-in Sheet – Posted 1/9/2014

Proposal Due Date:  January 15, 2013

Scope of Work:  The purpose of this project is to replace the existing stand-alone Microsoft Access database with a custom-built online web-based system that can be used by City staff and P-Patch site leaders, gardeners and other stakeholders. The current Microsoft Access P-Patch Information System is used by the Department of Neighborhoods P-Patch Program staff to track and record information about the City P-Patches and Users. The system is a repository of information compiled with gardeners, volunteers, plot availability, payments and donations. It was initially developed for internal use at the Department of Neighborhoods main office, but the growth in program participation has generated new requirements for a web-based P-Patch Information System that can be used by P-Patch staff, volunteer coordinators and gardeners. The web-based system should also add functionality to enable P-Patch staff and delegated volunteer site leaders to manage waitlists, plot assignments, compliance issues and information about each P-Patch. The system should also allow staff and delegated volunteers to generate reports effectively and allow gardeners the ability to pay plot fees online and maintain their own records and information.

The Consultant shall provide software development services and technical expertise of .NET, C#, C++ or JavaScript, web-based programming executed within 2010 SQL Server environment. The project is anticipated to take (5) months. Following completion of the project, the Consultant will provide on-call support and services, at the City of Seattle discretion. The City of Seattle reserves the right to exercise the option the first year for maintenance support following completion of the project.

The full RFP, Scope of Work and associated documents can be viewed and downloaded at the City’s Consultant Opportunities site (the page you’re currently on right now).

City Contact Information:  Please email or call 206-684-0359, if you are interested in submitting a proposal.

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