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CLOSED-Victor Steinbrueck Park Improvements and Construction Administration #RFQ-PARKS-7815

Original Date Posted: July 8, 2015 9:02 am

Due Date: 8/03/15 at 1:00pm

Click here to access Request for Qualifications #RFQ-PARKS-7815.docx

RFQ Due Date: 8/3/2015, 1:00pm

Click here to access VSP Aerial.pdf

Click here to access VSP original site plan

Scope of Work: Seattle Parks and Recreation is seeking a qualified consultant team to provide professional design services to make improvements to Victor Steinbreuck Park, a 0.8 acre public park adjacent to the Pike Place Market at 2001 Western Avenue, in Seattle Washington. This is a 2008 Parks and Greenspaces Levy project.

Consultant teams shall review all background information to date to inform the improvements to the park. Consultant Team will be expected to provide professional services to design public safety improvements including but not limited to improving sight lines into the park; renovating seating; renovating the former children’s play area; improving and expanding lighting, and upgrading landscaping within the park. The membrane between the westerly portion of the park and the parking garage below is failing and there is a history of leaks into the garage. Significant repairs to or complete replacement of the membrane may be necessary as part of any improvements. Any proposed improvements must coordinate with the developing PC-1 site to the south.

One of the critical components of this project will be public outreach. There is very diverse set of stakeholders that surround and use the park. The successful consultant team will be expected to help Parks engage with the surrounding business community, low income residents that live in and around the Market, homeless individuals who use the park on a frequent basis, urban Native Americans who also use the park on a frequent basis and other stakeholders and user groups. The outreach effort will likely include meeting(s) with the identified stakeholders, and others, as well as Parks more traditional public meetings. The consultant will work with Parks to secure all necessary local, State and/or Federal permits and approvals, particularly the Pike Place Market Historical Commission.

The full RFP, Scope of Work and associated document(s) can be viewed and downloaded at the City’s Consultant Opportunities site (under Current Solicitations),

Project Cost Estimate: Not to exceed $1,600,000

City Contact Information: Please email David Graves, or 206-684-7048 if you are interested in submitting a proposal.

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