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September 2016



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CLOSED-Telecommunication Systems Replacement Options Analysis RFP #SIT-160157

Original Date Posted: September 21, 2016 9:53 am

Due Date: October 11, 2016 @2pm Pacific

Click here to access Request for Proposal #SIT-160157.docx

  1. Schedule. The following is the estimated schedule of events. The City of Seattle (“City”) reserves the right to modify this schedule at its discretion. Notification of changes will be posted on the City’s website at
RFP Release September 21, 2016
Deadline for Proposer Questions September 30, 2016 @ 3pm Pacific
Deadline for City Answers October 5, 2016 @4pm Pacific
Written Proposals Due to the City October 11, 2016 @2pm Pacific

Procurement Contact
Seattle IT Contracting Strategic Advisor: Laura Park – – (206) 733-9595

Attachment A – Minimum Qualifications
Attachment B – Consultant Questionnaire
Attachment C – Written Proposal
Attachment D – Financial Proposal
Attachment EInsurance Requirements
Attachment F – Terms and Conditions

Addendum Q&A: 10/03/2016

Table 2: Delivery Address
It is important to use the correct address for the delivery method you chose.

Fed Ex & Hand Delivery – Physical Address US Post Office – Mailing Address
Laura Park, IT Contracting Strategic Advisor
Department of Information Technology
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite #2700
Seattle, Washington, 98104
Laura Park, IT Contracting Strategic AdvisorDepartment of Information Technology
Seattle Municipal Tower
P.O. Box 94709
Seattle, Washington, 98124-4790

Unless authorized by the IT Contracting Strategic Advisor, no other City official or employee may speak for the City regarding this solicitation until award is complete. Any Proposer contacting other City officials or employees does so at Proposer’s own risk. The City is not bound by such information.

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