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CLOSED-SPU Reusables Collection Service – RFP #SPU-16-159-S

Original Date Posted: October 21, 2016 11:57 am

Due Date: 2:00 PM, Monday, November 21, 2016, at the 50th Floor



Request for Proposals (RFP) for


SPU Reusables Collection Service

SPU RFP/Contract# 16-159-S


The City of Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is requesting proposals from qualified Proposers to provide services to collect reusable items at the North Transfer Station (NTS) and potentially at the expansion of the South Transfer Station (STS2). The primary goal of offering this service is to recover reusable items that were previously destined for the landfill so that they may be reused, or if necessary, recycled in a responsible and legal manner. By establishing a convenient collection area for these items, SPU seeks to make it easy for the public to use this site.

SPU staff will manage the collection of commonly recyclable materials as well as the tipping floor in the transfer station. The purpose of this RFP is to find an outside Proposer to manage the collection of reusable items which are not being accepted in the recycling containers.  The selected Proposer will screen materials for acceptance, assist customer in unloading, as well as transport and market these items for resale.  The Proposer will also provide SPU with regular reports to document the types and quantities of materials collected for reuse and recycling

The contract is considered a phased contract. The initial contract will be to provide collection services at the NTS. Collection services may be expanded to the STS2 at a later date.  The contract is anticipated to be for an initial period of five (5) years with an option to extend the contract for up to five (5) additional years. The Proposer will NOT be reimbursed by the City to perform the Work. In lieu of payment, the items collected free of charge from the public will represent the Proposers remuneration.

Interested Proposers are encouraged to review the RFP, background documents, and any RFP addenda online at  Note that you are required to complete a free registration to view, print or save documents posted on this website and to view contact information for other Proposers who have downloaded documents from this website.

The deadline for submitting Proposals is 2:00 PM, Monday, November 21, 2016, at the 50th Floor, Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 Fifth Avenue, P.O. Box 34018, Seattle, WA 98104-4018.

A SPU Pre-Submittal Conference for prospective offerors will be held on Monday, October 31 2016 at the SPU North Transfer Station located at 1350 N 34th St, Seattle, WA 98103 between Northlake Place and North Stone Way in Wallingford, from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM. Seattle Public Utilities will review the scope of work, Proposer expectations, and answer questions from the prospective offerors. Time will be allocated for prospective offerors to network with each other and discuss teaming arrangements. Although attendance to this meeting is not mandatory, attendance is highly encouraged.

Any questions regarding this request shall be directed to Lisa Hill, Contract Administrator & SPU’s designated contact person, at

 The City of Seattle is an Equal Opportunity Employer and selection of the Proposer is subject to applicable laws and ordinances regarding equal opportunity employment.

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