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September 2017



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CLOSED-Community Center Stabilization Projects, RFQ#PRK-2041

Original Date Posted: September 26, 2017 1:08 pm

Due Date: 10/25/2017 at 5:00pm


Consultant Contract

 Project Title: Community Center Stabilization Projects 


Click here to access RFQ#PRK-2041


UPDATE: Questions and Responses to the RFQ are now available along with the architectural and engineering studies for each community center and a scanned version of the pre-submittal conference sign-in sheet.

Procurement Schedule


Schedule of Events Date/Time Location/Address
Solicitation Release 9/27/2017 Daily Journal of Commerce
Optional Pre-Submittal Conference 10/12/2017, 1:00pm RDA Bldg.

800 Maynard Ave S, 3rd Floor, Conference Room 3C

Seattle, WA 98134

Deadline for Questions 10/18/2017
Response Deadline 10/25/2017

Announcement of Successful Proposer(s) 11/15/2017
Anticipated Negotiation Schedule 11/16/2017 – 12/17/2017
Contract Execution January 2018


The purpose of these contracts will be to make needed renovations and necessary upgrades to six existing community centers in the City of Seattle.  These projects will implement Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR)’s 2016 Community Center Strategic Plan’s recommendation to focus on “major maintenance, safety, and ADA compliance, as well as emerging facility needs to support additional programming” at community centers. An architectural and engineering study has been completed for each community center.  Based on the results of these studies and walkthroughs with SPR staff, funding will be allocated from Reel Estate Excise Taxes (REET), the 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy, and the Seattle Park District to each community center as follows through 2020:

           Site                                                                    Address                                     Funding
1 – South     Hiawatha Community Center                   2700 California Ave SW        $1,843,902
1 – South     Jefferson Community Center                    3801 Beacon Ave S                $1,710,985
1 – South     South Park Community Center                8319 8th Ave S                         $1,448,320
2 – North     Loyal Heights Community Center           2102 NW 77th St                     $3,786,793
2 – North     Magnolia Community Center                    2550 34th Ave W                     $2,840,160
2 – North     Queen Anne Community Center              1901 1st Ave N                         $1,720,101

The City anticipates awarding 2 contracts, one for each group of community centers as outlined above.  Some portions of the scopes of work for each community center outlined below may be completed in-house.  The extent of these changes to budget and scope for these two contracts will be determined before the contracts are awarded.

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