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Equitable Development Initiative Advisory Board (EDIAB) Administration, Facilitation, and Engagement Support; OPCD RFQ/Contract#: PCD-024-01-EDIAB

Original Date Posted: April 22, 2024 8:00 am

Due Date:

2:00 PM Pacific Time on May 16, 2024

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
On-Call support – EDI Advisory Board administration, facilitation, and engagement
OPCD Contract# PCD-024-01-EDIAB

The Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) Equitable Development Initiative (EDI) is seeking qualified consultants to provide administration, facilitation, and engagement support services for the EDI Advisory Board (Board).

EDI collaborates with the Board to sustain a diverse Seattle and build a more equitable future. Work focuses on addressing inequity and disparity through inclusive growth and development strategies that increase economic mobility and access to opportunities for ownership for marginalized communities at high risk of displacement in Seattle.  The Board supports advancing the Equitable Development Implementation Plan, develops funding criteria, and makes recommendations for the allocation of the EDI fund to advance community-led equitable development projects. The Board also helps ensure that EDI’s programs and policies align with community needs and values.

The selected consultant will be able to work collaboratively with EDI staff to support the Board with identifying and advancing Board initiatives, strategies, and activities.  The scope and schedule of work are outlined in the RFQ and include a mixture of tasks anticipated to occur monthly, annually, and on an as-needed basis. Work assignments and deliverables will be developed iteratively and will be issued via task orders. Tasks may include leading and supporting Board project management, coordination, administration, facilitation, reporting, event convening, communications, engagement, input analysis, funding and award evaluation and recommendation processes, recruitment and appointment efforts, and development of Board materials and collateral.

OPCD will execute one (1) on-call-type contract not to exceed $65,000 over a 1-year term with the option for up to two (2) additional one-year extensions, totaling no more than three years and $65,000 per year. During the contract period, the Consultant shall maintain capacity to support the City’s on-call needs related to the contract. OPCD does not guarantee a minimum quantity of work under these contracts. Interested consultants are encouraged to review the solicitation, background documents, and any addenda online.

City Contact Information: Jenna Franklin,

Request for Qualifications RFQ-PCD-024-01-EDIAB: REVISED 4/26/2024

Consultant Questionnaire

Inclusion Plan

Insurance Transmittal

Consultant Agreement – Standard/Roster

Addendum: If issued will be added

Pre-Submittal Slides and Video

EDI Advisory Board Admin and Facilitation Support RFQ Pre-Submittal Slides

Equitable Development Advisory Board Admin and Facilitation RFP Pre-Submittal Conference (

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