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CLOSED-Proposed NBA/NHL Arena: Design and Construction Owner’s Representative Services, RFQ-FAS-2013-022

Original Date Posted: April 24, 2013 8:34 am

Due Date: 5/17/2013, 5:00 PM (Pacific)

City of Seattle Request for Consultant Services

Project Title:  Proposed NBA/NHL Arena: Design and Construction Owner’s Representative Services

Posted: May 16, 2013 

The City and County are continuing with the Arena RFQ process for design and construction services. 

Even though the NBA Board of Governors has voted against the relocation of an NBA team to Seattle, ArenaCo is continuing with the permitting process for a new Arena in Seattle.  ArenaCo submitted their Master Use Permit (MUP) on April 30th and the design review process is underway; therefore, the City and County still need the design consultant on board as quickly as possible.  Although ArenaCo cannot start on the construction of the new Arena until after completion of the permitting process and only if the NBA approves the relocation of a team to Seattle, we want to be well positioned for when that approval occurs, regardless of timing.  In addition, the construction services consultant may be needed during the schematic design review process.  Granted, the majority of the construction consultant services will not be needed until construction of an arena.


Click here to download the full RFQ (Word doc)
Optional Pre-Submittal Meeting Sign-in Sheet (Word doc) – Posted 5/2/2013

RFP Due Date:  May 17, 2013; 5pm

Click here for full Q&A: 5/06/13
Scope of Work:  The City of Seattle and King County are seeking requests for qualifications for a consultant or team of consultants to assist the City and County in reviewing the design and construction of a proposed Seattle Sports and Entertainment Facility (the “Arena”) for NBA and NHL games. This project will have two distinct phases. Phase I of the project will focus on the Arena design and Phase II will focus on the construction of the Arena. Respondents may submit for just the design or just the construction portions of the contract, or one team covering both. After the Arena is constructed the City and County will purchase the facility. It is anticipated that this contact will be for at least $260,000.

The full RFQ, Scope of Work and associated documents can be viewed and downloaded from this page.  Please be sure to click on the RFQ link above to download the document(s).

City Contact Information:  Nathan Torgelson,  

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