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CLOSED-Motivational Interviewing and Fidelity Consultant – DA14GF019

Original Date Posted: May 27, 2014 4:30 pm

Due Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2014 at 4:30PM

Motivational Interviewing and Fidelity Consultant

The City of Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (SYVPI) is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to contract with SYVPI for Motivational Interviewing Trainer and Fidelity Consultant services. The selected Consultant must apply to and be approved on the City of Seattle’s consultant roster:

Job Description Summary: SYVPI was established in 2009 to reduce and prevent youth violence. It utilizes a comprehensive set of intervention strategies to support at-risk youth through a system of coordinated neighborhood-based services. Youth referred into the Initiative are assessed using the SYVPI Risk Assessment tool that provides staff with risk profiles and areas of highest service need in order to begin individual case planning. The Risk Assessment tool has recently undergone a number of revisions, including the development of a 6-month follow-up youth survey.

Job Duties: The Trainer and Fidelity Consultant will design and conduct a two-day training for all SYVPI staff on Motivational Interviewing techniques and use of Risk Assessment tools for risk profile development and subsequent case planning. The Consultant will develop this training to support the implementation of the new assessment tools into standard practice and provide follow up booster trainings as needed. In addition to providing the training on the new tool, the Consultant will develop a Motivational Interviewing-based fidelity checklist to measure/monitor of adherence to standard practice in use of the tool.

It is anticipated that the Consultant will provide approximately 15 hours per week of consulting on average. The specific daily or weekly tasks over the course of the contract include:

1. Attend in-person or telephone meetings with SYVPI staff and research consultants working on the Risk Assessment tool (approximately five hours per month)
2. Attend regular Risk Assessment check-in meetings (approximately one hour per month)
3. Design and deliver a two-day Motivational Interviewing workshop customized to meet needs of SYVPI staff overall (Day 1) and Risk Assessment tool users specifically (Day 2)
4. Identify on-going training and technical assistance needs
5. Design and deliver Motivational Interviewing booster training(s) as needed
6. Develop fidelity checklist/tool for on-going technical assistance and quality assurance
7. Design and deliver training on use of fidelity checklist/tool
8. Facilitate Risk Assessment/Motivational Interviewing communities of practice by SYVPI Investment Area (e.g., Case Management, Street Outreach, and Network Intake and Referral)
9. Develop a written guide for facilitating SYVPI Risk Assessment/Motivational Interviewing communities of practice
10. Develop recommendations for quality improvement of communities of practice, implementation of the fidelity checklist training and support for users and supervisors
11. Develop a Train-the-Trainer course and manual for future Motivational Interviewing/Risk Assessment trainings

Qualification Requirements: Qualified applicants will be experienced in Motivational Interviewing techniques and conducting Motivational Interviewing trainings. They will have expertise in conducting clinical assessments and have relevant references and/or training evaluations. Preferred Qualifications: Experience using and/or developing fidelity instruments and working with vulnerable youth populations. Motivational Interviewing certification. Length of Contract: Approximately July 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014

Submission Requirements:

1. Cover letter describing qualifications for the body of work
2. Cost proposal (use the link below to access the template)
3. Resume
4. References and/or training evaluations
5. Responses to the following:

a. Please describe how you would incorporate a Motivational Interviewing approach into trainings on administering the attached risk assessment tool. (max 300 words)
b. Please describe your background in Motivational Interviewing, including a description of the populations you have worked with and the treatment targets of the intervention. (max 300 words)
c. Please describe your experience training staff who are working with violent and/or offending and/or at-risk youth. (max 300 words) Scoring Criteria: Proposals will be scored using the criteria and points system in the table below:

Criterion Maximum possible points
1. Cover letter and written proposal 35
2. Cost proposal (use template under submission requirement #2) 10
3. Resume 10
4. References and/or training evaluations 15
4. Responses to written questions (see a – c under submission requirement #5) 30
5. Interview (proposers with the highest scores will be invited to take part in an interview) 25
Total possible points 125

Submission Deadlines: The deadline to submit questions regarding this solicitation is Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. Please submit questions via email to The deadline to submit completed proposals is Tuesday, June 18, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. Submit proposals to: Leslie Stewart, Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, City of Seattle, Office for Education, PO Box 94649, Seattle, WA 98124-4649. Alternately proposals may be e-mailed to or delivered to 700 5th Avenue, Suite 1700 Seattle, WA 98104. For more information, visit our website at

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